Saturday, March 15, 2014

Visit to ponce inlet

I visited the Nina and Pinta reproductions in Ponce Inlet with my grandchildren. It is not easy to get time to sketch when I'm out with other people. It is also Bike Week in Daytona, so there were many, many visitors. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Drawing in the dark.......  

Went to the opera January 19.  The work was Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor.  I have always loved opera for the music, but frankly, many of the stories -particularly those of the 19th century- are on the sentimental side. And not in a good way.  But the music....! That is another story. So, I had my pocket size Moleskine and a trusty Sharpie and . . .sketched the characters in the dark as they sang.

Here is Lucia's brother having just discovered an intruder on his property.  This fellow is supposed to be a Scottish Laird....Hmmmmmm.   No kilt?  No Tam?  No plaid anywhere?

This is the lovely Lucia. The singer was wonderful, but old enough, I think, to be Lucia's mother. Well, that is opera. Her voice was superb and she brought off the crazy scene in act three with abandon. For that, she received a well-deserved standing O.  We opera lovers are shameless.
Finally, the family chaplain -this is in Scotland, remember- named Raimondo. This guy was a bass and a good one, although he had such a baby face it was fun trying to imagine him being the advisor to a wealthy Scots landowner.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

More photos from our January Sketchcrawl

Urban Sketchers of North Central Florida January Outing.

I joined the urban Sketchers of Central Florida for a visit to the Eisenhower Museum in The Villages, near Leesburg, Fruitland Park and Lady Lake, FL

We sketched indoors.   Compared to USKers up north, we North Central Florida sketchers are a bit wimpy about the weather. In Minneapolis, our weather would have been considered a break from the cold.  But to us, it was just the opposite. Let that thermometer register below 60 and we snuggle up inside.
I probably should have made a patch on this one to cover my terrible handwriting.  Maybe one day I will.

Here is the heart of our group, Kathy.  She is all over the place with her sketches, including Flickr and FaceBook where she and I both belong to FaceBook Art-related groups.

Urban Sketchers really does not like for us to sketch from photos, but in the case of a museum where the photos are from 70 years ago, it is more like sketching in an art museum, I think. So I will include this one here and send it to the Urban Sketchers Flickr group as well